Mohammad Al Qahwji




Work in a challenging environment in a business company or organization in the Accounting & Finance field, sales, fundraising or training where I can utilize my capabilities to advance in my career.

I am self-motivated, ambitious and eager to learn. I am a responsible individual with strong communication skills and work ethics besides being creative, focused and highly determined. I am willing to take responsibility and work independently. At the same time, I can work well in teams.

Looking for both personal and professional growth makes me capable of working confidently under pressure. Being bilingual gives me the chance to function efficiently in both English and Arabic. My background and growing up experience has given me a deep insight in the culture and society together with a wider scope in the world of business.

Professional Experiences

Senior Accountant

Community Development Office

Since December 2010
Jerash - Jordan

1. Apply the accounting system and verify the integrity and accuracy of accounting documents before recorded in the books.
2. Maintaining of accounting records and the preparation of the journal entries and posting accounts to ledger and preparation of cash and pay receipt and the notices of registration.

3. Preparation of monthly accounting reports and annual accounts and the analytical to explain the details of the accounts.
4. Audit claims advance of expenditures and ensure disbursement of financial assets as approved in the project.
5. Bookkeeping and accounting records and financial transactions first hand.
6. Volunteers help with regard to their requirements and their financial transactions and help in the preparation of the budget for their plans operational.
7. Assistance in organizing the celebrations and ceremonies in cooperation with the relevant committees
8. Administrative follow-ups of the bills, subscriptions, and any other matters related.
9. Follow-up and save files of staff and development practitioners.
10. Follow-ups on with the World Bank approved a statement of account, deposit, financial transfers. And any other matters related.
11. A review of monthly movements and arrest rate for all sources of financing and compliance with the terms of the budget and provide the Director of the Development Office a monthly financial report
12. Answer all queries on the financial matters of the project.

Project Accountant

Industrial Construction Company

From June Till November 2010
Amman - Jordan

1 - Purchasing Director.
2 - Control Time Workers.
3 - Control repositories.
4 - Accountant site (Disi Water Conveyance Project - Airport Road)

Educational Background

Accounting & Information Technology

Al-Hussein Bin Talal

June 2010
Ma'an - Jordan


Software Package:

1.      Dealing with Microsoft Office APPLICATIONS

2.      E-Commerce.

3.      Financial Analysis – MS Excel.


1.      Excellent in communication skills.

2.      Excellent in teamwork skills.

3.      Ability to work under pressure.

4.      Ability to learn easily.

5.      Strong personality.

6.      Excellent in analytical skills.




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